Dr. Shimi Kang

Founder & Creator of Dolphin Kids™ Achievement

Dear Friends, 

About this time 3 years ago, Penguin-Randomhouse released my first book The Dolphin Way, and I was both ecstatic and in complete panic-mode. What would the world think about “firm but flexible” dolphin parenting?


Did I present enough science to stop the over-scheduling, over-instructing, and over-competing in favor of self-motivation, social connection, and a balanced lifestyle? In a world that coveted perfection and performance, would the message of mistakes and adaptability fall on deaf ears? I took a risk, I was terrified, but I am so glad I did.  

Looking back at the highlights - releasing in 10 countries, hitting #1 on the national bestseller list, and winning the US News International Book Award - they all felt good, but it was the emails, conversations, and moments I shared with countless people from all around the world that felt great. Parents, kids, grandparents, teachers, administrators, counsellors, and coaches needed the same thing I did. We needed the “simple but not easy” science of raising happy, healthy, and self-motivated 21st century kids.

And now, I believe we need the next step: research-backed, parent-child integrated, education-based innovation, leadership, and resilience programs.

With that, I am so grateful to launch these Dolphin Kids™ Achievement programs, classes, and workshops designed for children/youth, parents/caregivers, as well as educators/coaches. Together we will thrive in the power of Play, Others (social connection), and Downtime to create a global community that is strong, happy, healthy, and 21st century-ready.

Please take a moment to explore Dolphin Kids™ and this new dimension of learning. 



Dr. Shimi Kang B.Sc., MD, FRCPC

Founder & Creator of Dolphin Kids™ Achievement

About Dr. Shimi Kang

Dr. Shimi Kang is an award-winning Harvard-trained doctor, researcher, news media expert, writer and keynote speaker, whose #1 national bestselling parenting book The Dolphin Way (paperback release: The Dolphin Parent / US title: The Self Motivated Kid) will have been translated to 7 languages and released in 10 countries by the end of 2017.


She is the current Medical Director for Child and Youth Mental Health for the city of Vancouver, a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia, and founder of the Provincial Youth Concurrent Disorders Program at BC Children’s Hospital.


Dr. Kang is the proud recipient of the 2012 Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal and the 2016 YWCA Woman of Distinction Award for her years of outstanding community service in health and wellness.


In 2014, Dr. Kang successfully appeared at TEDxKelowna as a keynote speaker with her talk "What One Skill = Awesome Life?", speaking on the importance of adaptability. Her articles, television and radio appearances on topics such as mental health, motivation, and optimal performance can be found in major media outlets including the Huffington PostCBC, US News, Washington Post, Psychology TodaySouth China Morning Post and TIME Magazine.


Dr. Kang has helped thousands of children, adolescents, and adults move toward positive behaviors and better health whilst being the proud mother of her own three amazing and exhausting children!

All current editions available of Dr. Shimi Kang's bestselling parenting book The Dolphin Way:
Available worldwide on Amazon | Indigo | Kinokuniya | Google Books
The #1 national bestselling anti-tiger parenting book written by Dr. Shimi Kang, published by Penguin-Tarcher and Penguin-Randomhouse, available on Amazon and Chapters Indigo.
The US title release of #1 national bestselling parenting book The Dolphin Way and The Dolphin Parent, called The Self-Motivated Kid.
The Dolphin Parent, a #1 national bestselling parenting book written by award-winning psychiatrist Dr. Shimi Kang, and winner of the US News International Book Award in their Parenting & Family category.
The German translation, Das Delfin-Prinzips, of #1 Canadian national bestselling parenting book The Dolphin Way and The Dolphin Parent written by psychiatrist Dr. Shimi Kang

US/CND editions published by Penguin-Tarcher and Penguin-Randomhouse

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