Tech diet challenge 2019

Let’s bring science based solutions to this complex topic while supporting more research. The BBC featured this program so let’s have a strong Canadian showing for the #techdietchallenge!

It's easy to participate! Just follow the instructions below!

Here's an example:

"I'm joining the #TechDietChallenge!”


“I pledge to ___________”  (pick one)

  • Improve healthy tech (example: use my fitness/mindfulness apps for 10 minutes every day)  

  • limit snack tech ( decrease my Instagram scrolling to weekends only)

  • remove toxic tech ( no longer read/follow online arguments and haters)


“I nominate  1) ________ & 2) __________ “

the TECH DIET solution ON BBC NEWS

What a healthy tech diet looks like:

We're here for moral support (and Prizes)!

Need help sticking to the challenge? We're here to help you! Click the button below to get weekly tips for a better tech diet! You'll also have a chance to win AWESOME prizes!

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